Why is it called "Aviyanka"?

"Aviyanka" takes its name from our precious daughter, Radha Aviyanka Parua, who embodies the bold, creative and adventurous spirit that our brand is all about. We are proud to stay true to our daughter's name by crafting a collection that captures the essence of her vibrant personality. Our gems are carefully selected with utmost care, with 95% of them ethically sourced from Sri Lanka, where we strive to support and promote sustainability. We hope that our jewelry inspires you to embrace your own individuality and radiate confidence, just as Aviyanka does every day.


Its Truly one of- a kind

Aviyanka Fine Jewelry stands as a true testament to the beauty of nature's untouched elegance. Every piece from Aviyanka is a masterpiece of authenticity, meticulously handcrafted using only natural gemstones that have not undergone any lab alterations or modifications. This commitment to preserving the innate allure of these precious stones sets Aviyanka apart, ensuring that each creation captures the genuine brilliance and unique characteristics of the Earth's treasures. With a dedication to crafting jewelry that resonates with the discerning connoisseurs, Aviyanka Fine Jewelry unveils a world where the pure, untouched beauty of nature shines through in every exquisite detail.

Aviyanka is a distinguished fine jewelry brand that epitomizes elegance and craftsmanship, renowned for its breathtaking creations meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Sri Lanka. With a commitment to ethical practices, Aviyanka sources an impressive 95% of its precious stones from the captivating landscapes of Sri Lanka, ensuring that each gem tells a story of its origin. The brand's exquisite pieces capture the essence of both traditional and contemporary designs, appealing to jewelry enthusiasts not only in North America but also across the globe. Aviyanka's dedication to artistry, sustainability, and the beauty of Sri Lankan heritage resonates in every meticulously curated piece, making it a coveted choice for those who seek timeless beauty with a touch of cultural allure.

With our handcrafted creations, we aim to bring joy, sophistication, and a touch of Sri Lankan heritage to discerning jewelry lovers around the world.

Sri Lanka - The GEM ISLAnd

Sri Lanka, often referred to as the "Gem Island," is a mesmerizing land renowned for its remarkable bounty of precious gemstones. Nestled within its lush landscapes are hidden treasures, ranging from vibrant sapphires and fiery rubies to captivating Alexanderites and mystical moonstones. For centuries, the island has been a haven for gem enthusiasts and traders, drawn by the allure of these natural marvels. The art of gemstone mining and cutting has been perfected through generations, making Sri Lanka a global hub for exquisite craftsmanship. Beyond its stunning coastline and lush terrains, Sri Lanka's rich geological diversity continues to unveil rare and alluring gemstones, perpetuating its well-deserved reputation as a gemological paradise cherished by collectors and admirers alike.

We invite you to indulge in the splendor of our handcrafted pieces, each an exquisite work of art, meticulously created to be treasured for generations.