Eranjan Parua

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OUR Story

40 years of heritage, with countless more years poised to unfold

Mr. SombhunathParua started his journey at a very young age after his father, who was a renowned lawyer at the time, passed away. At the age of 16 when he left his home in Mahishadalwest Bengal Kolkata to walk all over India. He walked all over Northern Indian from Kashmir, Nepal, Lasa and Hong Kong. Learning business, the hard way, he had to work hard to stay alive and he moved from town to town getting to know people and most of all learning the trade of buying and selling. He was fluent in 5 to 6 languages and accumulated a vast knowledge before returning home after 7 years, and collected some very interesting items, two such item that I remember is a tea pot which played music when you pour tea and another one was a set of cups where different images of kings appeared on the liquid when you filled the cups with Tea.

Finally, he ended up in Sri Lanka in 1979 and settled down in the hill station Kandy where he met with my mother Visaka and slowly established his business in Gems. He started to source his gems from miners from different parts of the country and build up exclusive clientele who were mostly expatriates working in Sri Lanka at the time. They kept their business confined to a very close circle of Clients and extended it to people who was introduced by them.

He occasionally travelled to their clients mostly in Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands and in the later parts in the US. He bought and sold only Natural untreated gems and had unwritten policy of he would buy back any gemstone that a customer was dissatisfied at anytime after they bought buying it.

The second generation of the Parua family in Sri Lanka is looking to change the way business is carried out to keep up with the changing times, they are looking to bring about change while keeping to the roots and ethnics and business practices of trust and honesty which have shaped their legacy and reputation within their clients who have been trading with the family for the past 40 plus years.

Stunning Natural Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Family Legacy continues

From his childhood Eranjan has been exposed to the gem and jewelry where he had the opportunity to visit the gem mines in different parts of Sri Lanka , where his father sourced the highest quality of gems for his exclusive clientele. He was amid all the negotiations and dealings which have been a daily transaction in their living room.

Eranjan was introduced to the North American Diamond industry by their business associates whilst he was completing his higher education in the US. He has experience in e-commerce channel management by working with some leading diamond & jewelry dealers in the Diamond District of NYC.

Thanuja , Eranjan’ s wife is the co-founder of Exorti a marketplace for unique and exquisite Gems and Jewelry from around the world a startup based in New York , Thanu joined the family gem and jewelry business in 2012.

Today complementing each others' skill sets, knowledge, and experience Thanuja & Eranjan is continuing their family legacy by transforming not just their family business but a conservative industry, with much needed change, if to survive and face the future.

Family Legacy continues with the third geneeration of the Parua family ...

Radha Aviyanka Parua

"Aviyanka" takes its name from our precious daughter, Radha Aviyanka Parua, who embodies the bold, creative and adventurous spirit that our brand is all about. We are proud to stay true to our daughter's name by crafting a collection that captures the essence of her vibrant personality.We hope that our jewelry inspires you to embrace your own individuality and radiate confidence, just as Aviyanka does every day.